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FloraSmart Extra Strength - 6 Billion CFU - 60 Tablets $44.09

FloraSMART EXTRA STRENGTH is a therapeutic strength probiotic. It is formulated to provide 'good bacteria' to the intestinal tract and colon. FloraSMART EXTRA STRENGTH is designed for those with chronic intestinal complaints such as those with Crohn's, Colitis, severe I.B.S., chronic candida or parasites. FloraSMART works to ensure that the bacterial environment in the intestine and colon is at an optimal level for good health.

FloraSMART EXRA STRENGTH contains a blend of 6 probiotics (6 billion per tablet) which helps to ensure a healthy bacterial environment in the intestinal tract and colon. FloraSMART EXTRA STRENGTH is different from all other probiotics on the market in that is uses an advanced 'oral controlled' release technology known as Bio-TractTM. Bio-TractTM delivery technology protects the probiotics through the harsh environment of the stomach and delivers them into the intestinal tract where they can be utilized. No other probiotic can make this claim. Recent research shows that probiotics help to improve gastrointestinal functions, respiratory and allergy responses; as well as help to counter the negative effects of antibiotic use. Probiotics support the immune system, balance the intestinal environment, and inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms (ex. Candida albacans). Further, these beneficial bacteria help the body to: produce vitamins; digest foods; and control overgrowth of bad bacteria and fungus. Renew Life's FloraSMART is available in Bio-TractTM protected tablets.

FloraSmart Extra Strength - 6 Billion CFU - 60 Tablets
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