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Ortho Glucose II - 865mg - 90 Vegi-Caps $43.69


Ortho•Glucose II™ is AOR’s most advanced glucose metabolism support formula.  Micronutrients at the forefront of glucose metabolism technology have been included in this formulation, which was designed to maximize insulin sensitivity and to protect against the inefficient metabolism of glucose associated with such metabolic disorders as Syndrome X and Type II Diabetes.
Diabetes is a syndrome characterized by abnormally elevated sugar levels in the blood. Diabetics have an increased risk of many serious health complications including cardiovascular disease, retinal damage, blindness, hypertension, neuropathy and many others. Ortho•Glucose IITM is a nutritional formula that contains nutrients capable of supporting the action of insulin and that encourage healthy glucose metabolism:
Clinical trials have revealed that cinnamon has insulin-like activity and improves glucose uptake.  Cinnamon has also been shown to reduce blood glucose levels after eating, lower fasting plasma glucose levels by 10-29%, and even help to balance high cholesterol levels. Other plant extracts also show promise for balancing glucose levels.  Micronutrients found in the extract of the fruit Momordica Charantia (bitter melon) have been shown to have hypoglycemic effects – reducing blood sugar levels by as much as 54% in one trial.  This is accomplished through increased glucose utilization by the liver, inhibition of glucose production, and improved glucose oxidation.
Gymnema sylvestre is an ayurvedic herb known for its hypoglycemic effects.  In clinical trials this herb has effectively reduced blood glucose levels in Type I and Type II diabetics.  It appears that Gymnema enhances the body's insulin production, possibly by regenerating or repairing beta cells which produce insulin.  Extracted from banaba, corosolic acid delays starch digestion, has insulin-like activity and improves glucose uptake - hence its inclusion in Ortho•Glucose II™.  Animal studies showed that corosolic acid improves glucose metabolism and reduces insulin resistance.
Many minerals also play a role in glucose metablosim.  For example, chromium is an essential mineral for the metabolism of carbohydrates.  It increases the sensitivity of insulin receptors, increasing cellular transport of glucose and reducing blood sugar levels.  Vanadium is another trace mineral with a critical role in cellular metabolism.  It also has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity and significantly enhance glucose uptake.
Lipoic acid is another promising treatment for diabetes and its related complications such as diabetic neuropathy, a treatment for which lipoic acid is approved in Germany.  ALA improves insulin sensitivity allowing glucose to enter the cell more easily.  A meta-analysis including 1258 diabetic patients found that R+lipoic acid was beneficial for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.  The analysis revealed that supplementation for 4-7 months reduced neuropathic deficits and improved cardiac neuropathy.
Pine bark extract can also help prevent some diabetic complications.  It has been shown to help improve microcirculation in diabetic patients suffering from diabetic microangiopathy, a condition that causes capillaries to become congested with fat and blood clots, impeding circulation.
Ortho•Glucose II™ contains nutrients and plant extracts that are supported by clinical research in diabetic subjects.  Ortho•Glucose II™ can be used to reduce elevations in blood sugar levels, potentiate the action of insulin and to improve the cellular utilization of glucose.  Ortho•Glucose is the ideal choice for those trying to regain normal carbohydrate metabolism and striving to achieve normal blood glucose levels.  Recent changes to the formula have been made to provide a product containing potent, clinically proven ingredients, while also ensuring the long-term availability of the product to our customers.

Suggested Use:
Take 1 capsule three times daily, half an hour before a meal, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

Main Applications:
• Increases insulin sensitivity
• Supports normal blood sugar balance
• Improves glucose metabolism by reducing insulin resistance
• Clinically proven

Supplement Facts:


Important Information: Free of all common allergens, including: wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish or any animal byproduct.
Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose. Capsule: hypromellose, sorbitol, silicon dioxide & water. 

Caution: Persons using insulin and other diabetic medications should only use this supplement under physician supervision.  Best to avoid if pregnant or nursing.

Ortho Glucose II - 865mg - 90 Vegi-Caps
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